Recently, “celebrate the 20th anniversary of ‘Eight Eight’strategy, show the attention-grabbing achievements of intangible culture heritage Protection —The 9th Intangible Cultural Heritage Fair ” sponsored by Shaoxing Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film and Tourism,opened cheerfully in Ying’en Tiandi Square, Ying’en men Fengqingshui Street.

2023,this year marks the 20th anniversary of Zhejiang’s implementation of ‘Eight Eight’strategy which was introduced in 2003 by Zhejiang Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China emphasizing the importance of making full use of eight advantages and implementing eight major measures for future development. It is also the 20th anniversary of Shaoxing’s protection work for the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage. As one of the brand activities based on intangible cultural heritage,cultivated and created in Shaoxing, This fair  has been held for eight consecutive sessions since 2015. At the launching ceremony, seven of the first batch of performing venues about folk Vocal art forms added to the list of intangible cultural heritage were awarded, the first batch of intangible cultural heritage workshops and ten of the second batch of characteristic stores related to intangible cultural heritage were awarded as well. Hand-painted map of Shaoxing distinctive marketplaces on intangible cultural heritage was also released on the spot.

The 9th Shaoxing Intangible Cultural Heritage Fair lasted for three days and two nights. More than 100 representative items of intangible cultural heritage at all levels and different kinds were selected for centralized display, ten categories of intangible cultural heritage included. The outdoor fair was a frenzy of activities. It applied launching ceremony, exhibitions and sales, opera performance, story-telling competitions, “street stepping”of custom, teaching experience and theme exhibition to present a cultural feast and propel culture sharing within citizens and tourists to visit, enjoy, taste and experience.

In recent years, Shaoxing makes plans that take all factors into consideration and simultaneously implement multiple measures to ensure efforts to promote the creative transformation and innovative development of intangible culture heritages in all fields and processes, like  cultivating inheritors, upgrading professional techniques、enriching extremely unique cultural products 、strengthening brands and broadening the market of Intangible cultural heritage. Nowadays, diverse intangible culture has gradually integrated into local residents’ life, been preserved as a kind of urban charm and set on a perfect scene in harmony with this thousand-year-old city.

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