Beijing, On June 3, (The China Box) BroadcastAsia 2022 (hereinafter referred to as BA2022) closed at Singapore EXPO. On the same day, BA2022 online exhibition concluded simultaneously, and the activities of China (Beijing) Online Pavilion (hereinafter referred to as the Online Pavilion) ended successfully. This year’s BA2022 China (Beijing) Online Pavilion brought together 21 broadcasting technology enterprises from Beijing and Tianjin. During the three-day exhibition, the Online Pavilion held theme display, live streaming, cloud signing, interactive exhibition and other activities through the official website of the exhibition and the live streaming platform, which set up an international exchange platform for exhibitors to display and promote innovative products and technological achievements. The Online Pavilion highlighted more than 40 products and technical solutions in the technical fields of video and audio codec, ultra-high definition storage, intelligent filming, virtual reality, dynamic capture, information security, etc. Through the international platform of BA2022, technical products are promoted to Southeast Asian countries and regions and beyond.

During this international promotion event, Beijing Municipal Radio and Television Bureau fully implemented the spirit of General Secretary’s important exposition on coordinating epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development, followed the requirements of “epidemic prevention, stable economy and safe development”, efficiently coordinated the epidemic prevention and control and the development of industrial enterprises, which provided strong support for stabilizing the economy and promoting the orderly resumption of production of broadcasting industry in Beijing and Tianjin. By setting up a special work team, practicing policies benefiting enterprises, supporting the implementation of policies, enhancing overseas promotion and other measures to help enterprises explore international markets, the Bureau has promoted the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, and better combined “going global” with “bringing in”.

During the live streaming by enterprises for three consecutive days, 21 broadcasting technology enterprises from Beijing and Tianjin fully demonstrated various innovative products and technical solutions of broadcasting with independent intellectual property rights. Through real-time interaction with online and offline exhibitors, users around the world could further understand China’s broadcasting technology products and technologies, so that exhibitors could more accurately match target customers and meet their needs. During the online exhibition, in addition to the management and transmission products with independent intellectual property rights by Beijing Suitong Technology Development Co., Ltd., Beijing Jingyi Qiangyuan Technology Co., Ltd., Tianjin Wenhao Technology and Development Co., Ltd. and other enterprises, the director call equipment and systems by Beijing Dongjie Shixun Technology Co., Ltd., the virtual studio systems by Beijing Zhongke Dayang Technology Development Co., Ltd., the “Metauch” production system by Beijing Xingguang Lutong Video-audio Broadcasting Technology Co., Ltd., and the application scheme of 8K technology of Beijing Weishi Dongli Information Technology Co., Ltd. in 4K and HD production and broadcasting environment, as well as other production and broadcasting products and schemes also yielded unusually brilliant results. According to statistics, as of the end of the event on June 3, the average number of live visits to a single enterprise exceeded 20,000, attracting great attention at home and abroad. At the same time, the live streaming platform is equipped with the function of “video review”, so that viewers who fail to watch the live streaming of enterprises in time can browse and watch at any time.

Online diversified display enables online and offline audiences to know exhibitors in an all-round and three-dimensional way, so that they can communicate and interact with exhibitors in real time. This online exhibition not only promotes independent innovative products and technologies overseas, but also helps exhibitors expand their business areas and optimize cooperation forms, thus boosting their confidence in expanding overseas markets.

In recent years, under the guidance of the International Cooperation Department of the National Radio and Film Administration, Beijing Municipal Radio and Television Bureau has organized broadcasting technology enterprises with strong innovation abilities to promote overseas for many times. By building a safe, efficient, pluralistic and balanced open industrial economic system and establishing an internal and external coordination mechanism, a mutually beneficial and win-win development pattern has been formed, which has enhanced the new advantages of Chinese broadcasting technology enterprises in participating in international economic cooperation and competition, and further enhanced the level and international influence of China’s broadcasting technology.

China (Beijing) Online Pavilion Live Streaming Platform

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