The first offline “super home mall” of the new retail service provider was officially opened on March 1. The store is located in the south of Beijing. It covers an area of about 20,000 square meters and can provide one-stop services of “decoration, building materials and so on”.

Different from other home shopping malls in which various brands operate their own stores and split sales mode, ZhuFan’er will conduct unified management, control goods, a control field, and control pricing of all products. There are 8 categories, 150 cooperation categories, and 10,000 + SKUs. ZhuFan’er integrates upstream and downstream through “content + retail + delivery” to open up the whole industrial chain of “users, media, sales, service, and brand”.

Liu Xianran, CEO of ZhuFan’er, introduced that ZhuFan’er super home mall undertakes the function of “buyer’s agent” in a self-supporting manner. Store employees play the role of home matching and purchase consultant to help users choose more appropriate products.

In the traditional household industry chain, from factories to distribution to stores, all follow the “seller’s logic”, that is, how to sell more products and higher prices to consumers, which leads to the user’s decision-making process being cut into links such as online grass planting, chaotic building materials market and expensive brand franchise stores, which not only bear high price increases but also experience pain.

As an innovator in the retail of home building materials in China, ZhuFan’er’s goal is “the Chinese version of IKEA experience Home Depot”.

It is understood that ZhuFan’er, founded in 2015, started from one-stop decoration, has accumulated 10 million internet fans in six years, served more than 10000 decoration families, and received nearly USD 800,000 from Jinshajiang venture capital, Huachuang capital, Innovation workshop, and other institutions.

Over the past six years, ZhuFan’er has formed three major businesses: one-stop decoration, new and e-commerce, and opened up the key links of the Pan home decoration industry from customer acquisition, service, the operation to. In 2020, ZhuFan’er will carry out strategic upgrading and strive to become a new retail service provider in the home building materials industry. In 2021, it will achieve sales of 100 million USD.

For the new plan of performance, Liu Xianran said: “in 2022, our big stores plan to challenge the sales of 221.6 million USD and of nearly 100,000 square meters shopping area; ZhuFan’er hopes to open more than 10 new big retail stores in Beijing, Shanghai, and Chengdu in 2025 to realize the sales revenue of 1.4 billion USD.

For the new model of living style, Chang bin, founding partner of Qicheng capital, said: “ZhuFan’er integrates supply chain capability, service capability, product capability, and retail capability, combines online and offline, and makes a one-stop super home mall with the real needs of consumers as the core. We believe that only companies that continue to accumulate and operate trust from the Perspective of users can have great value.”

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