On June 1, BroadcastAsia 2022 (hereinafter referred to BA2022) opened at Singapore EXPO. As an international industry exhibition in Southeast Asia that brings together professional contents of broadcasting, information and communication, adopted an “online + offline” format this year, with the BA2022 online exhibition held at the same time on the opening day. Beijing Municipal Radio and Television Bureau, together with 21 broadcasting technology companies from Beijing and Tianjin, presented the entire exhibition as “China (Beijing) Online Pavilion”. During the three-day exhibition, the exhibitors showcased and promoted the innovative products and technological achievements of China’s broadcasting technology enterprises to both domestic and international audiences through the exhibition’s official website and live video streaming platform in the form of thematic displays, live video streaming and interactive visiting.

On the first day of the event, Wang Jiequn, Secretary of the Leading Party Members’ Group and Director Chief of Beijing Municipal Radio and Television Bureau and Calvin Koh, Director of the Organizing Committee of BroadcastAsia exchanged via video. Wang Jiequn said that Beijing, as a cultural center and a center of technological innovation in China, has a flourishing broadcasting technology industry, a strengthening modern communication system and a deepening media integration. China (Beijing) Online Pavilion focused on promoting products and technical solutions such as video and audio codecs, ultra-high definition storage, virtual reality and motion capture. During the exhibition, visitors to the Singapore EXPO pavilion were able to watch the live content of the enterprises through the display screens set up on site, and could also use mobile phones, tablets and other mobile terminals to scan the QR code to watch the webcast platform, making it more convenient for visitors to learn about the companies’ products. Meanwhile, overseas visitors watched the BA2022 show live via the webcast platform.

In recent years, Chinese national enterprises have carried out technical exchanges and business cooperation with international technological organizations, broadcasters and overseas users. Under the guidance of the Foreign Promotion Bureau of the State Council Information Office and the International Cooperation Department of the Chinese National Radio and Television Administration, China Joint Exhibition Booth set up by Beijing Municipal Radio and Television Bureau, or Beijing Broadcasting Technology Innovation Pavilion has repeatedly organized Beijing technology enterprises to exhibit in the United States and the Netherlands and achieved fruitful results. As an important part of the international promotion activities, the “Cloud Signing” ceremony of China (Beijing) Online Pavilion was successfully held, in which Beijing Yunchao Technology Co. Ltd., Beiijng FXLION Electronics Co., Ltd. and Beijing Lingxian Aiwei Technology Co., Ltd. signed product sales agreements with buyers from Switzerland and Hong Kong, China respectively.

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