Recently, Chery Uzbekistan official account released the official map of its new flagship SUV product.

From the official appearance drawing, the Ruihu 8 Pro continues the new life in motion 3.0 family design of Chery Automobile and inherits the “Fengge aesthetics”.

The front face is designed with the sunshine, star and river styles. The external lines of the geometric matrix diamond front grille are flexible and smooth, and the internal design like stars creates a dazzling visual experience. At the same time,   the biggest highlight of the whole vehicle is all led 4D light blade luxury headlights with a strong sense of science and technology. The headlights set integrates LED crystal headlights, double light blade bright daytime running lights, and running water steering lights. The lighting effect is excellent, realizing the perfect integration of the beauty of design and the sense of science and technology.

In addition, the Ruihu 8 Pro is also equipped with the unique integrated LED front fog lamp and clearance lamp at the same level. The matrix design is adopted, and the shape is highly recognizable. The front fog lamps are integrated with corner lamps. When turning at low speed at night, the auxiliary steering lamps will turn on automatically to make up for the blind area of vision at night and improve driving safety.

On the side of the car body, the smart and dynamic water flow makes the car body slender, showing the dynamic temperament of the whole car. The body size is 4722x1860x1745mm, the wheelbase is 2710mm, and the oversized 1930l boot space and 12 flexible and variable combination spaces bring a super comfortable experience.The rear part of the car adopts a new design, and the overall lines are smooth and concise, showing a magnificent and vigorous momentum.

In recent years, while pursuing technological innovation, Chery automobile is also constantly exploring the way to integrate design and technology. This can be seen from the leapfrog brand-new technology luxury lamp set of Ruihu 8 pro, which combines the beauty of modeling design and intelligent technology experience.

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