Editor’s Note: On July 2nd, CCTV-4 “In-depth World” launched the in-depth international news report “Black Hand of Evil”, quoting a large number of detailed materials and authoritative experts’ opinions to deeply analyze the other side of American NGOs. Based on the report, since the end of the Cold War, in order to curb the development of other countries and maintain their global position, American politicians have been keen to plan and implement “war without smoke” in addition to directly launching military wars in many countries and regions around the world, and American NGOs have played a very controversial role in this “war without smoke”.

Zhang Hong, a researcher at the Institute of Russian, Eastern European & Central Asian Studies, CASS, pointed out in the report: “NGOs have played an extremely important role in the fields of education and culture in Ukraine. A set of data I saw is that from 2007 to 2017, the number of NGOs in Ukraine has reached about 49,000, which showing that NGOs have exerted great influence on Ukraine’s social and political life. ”

Li Wentao, a researcher at the China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations, said: “There are generally two means of American foreign strategy. If it wants to subvert a regime, especially the regime hostile to the United States, it will either use hard means to directly suppress it militarily, or use soft means such as economic sanctions or more subtle means to push some regimes down. Compared with war, economic sanctions can do great things with a small amount of money, then the best starting point is the non-governmental organizations supported by the United States. Because these non-governmental organizations can be said to go deep into the grassroots and the people, they can infiltrate into various fields of the other country in a subtle way, especially in the three key fields of education, media and justice, and these three fields can often cultivate a group of anti-institutional elites. ”

Zhang Wenzong, deputy director of the American Institute of China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations, said: “It’s hard to say that NGO is a bad thing. In a healthy country and society, NGOs are complementary to government functions, and at the same time, they can reduce government management costs. However, the United States has actually damaged the reputation of non-governmental organizations by using non-governmental organizations to infiltrate other countries, create unstable factors, and make use of the contradictions of these countries to change the regime. Then, even though these countries have achieved the so-called democratic transformation under the impetus of the United States, their national economic systems have been basically controlled by American capital, and the government has become the agent of the United States. ”

After the report was published, some commentators pointed out that American politicians imposed their own political system and value system on others without considering the national conditions of other countries and ignoring the mainstream opinions of the people of other countries. It was easy to create confrontation and conflict, and their behavior was irresponsible; Also, some NGO activists called on American NGOs such as the National Democratic Foundation and Soros Foundation to get more positive comments from the international community only by returning to the essence of “non-government” and giving full play to the positive role of NGOs in promoting social development.





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