Being a leading hyaluronic acid enterprise in the world, Hymagic-4D (referred to as 4D hyaluronic acid), a high-profile raw material produced by BLOOMAGE BIOTECH, has become a B-end “big hit” favored by the market. It has been four years since Hymagic™-4D was sold in the market, and the heat of this raw material has increased instead of falling. On this basis, the market has continuously derived end products such as 5D, 6D and 7D. The success of Hymagic™-4D reflects the evolution trend of BLOOMAGE BIOTECH from raw material supplier to solution provider.

1. Omni-directional analysis of 4D hyaluronic acid

In terms of the potential demand of customers, Wen Liangliang, the product manager of BLOOMAGE BIOTECH Hymagic™-4D raw materials, and other R&D colleagues integrated hyaluronic acid with different molecular weights and different types, supplemented by a large number of efficacy tests, and finally screened out the best gold compound ratio and formula from dozens of compositions, and then developed 4D hyaluronic acid.
The efficacy of 4D hyaluronic acid is superimposed by four kinds of hyaluronic acid.

The “skin care guardian” arranged on the outermost layer of skin is Hyacross™, with a molecular weight of more than 3 million Da. Using the medical patent crosslinking technology, macromolecular hyaluronic acid forms a three-dimensional network structure on the skin surface like a molecular sponge, which can not only moisturize for 24 hours, but also resist external pollution such as UV and PM2.5.
Cross-linking reaction and schematic diagram of Hyacross™ structure

Under Hyacross™, there are two Chinese molecules Hybloom™ and Hymagic™-AcHA. Hybloom™ has a molecular weight of about 200,000-1,800,000 Da, which can lock moisture on the skin surface and soften keratin. The introduction of acetyl group in Hymagic™-AcHA acetylated sodium hyaluronate brings lipophilicity to HA, which improves its moisture retention and repair.
What acts on the dermis is Nano HA, an ultra-small molecular hyaluronic acid, which is produced by the patented technology of enzyme digestion pioneered by BLOOMAGE BIOTECH, and can be absorbed through the skin. The experiment showed that the hyaluronic acid absorbed by the skin reached 36.2% 1 hour after using Nano HA solution, and 69.5% after using Nano HA solution 24 hours later. Nano HA absorbed into the skin can not only help to deeply moisturize the skin, but also play a role in scavenging free radicals and repairing damaged cells.
On the whole, after the launch of 4D hyaluronic acid with golden ratio, it has been largely welcomed by B-end skin care companies. Currently, more than 500 companies have applied 4D hyaluronic acid to products such as lotions, creams, toners, secondary polishes and masks. The hyaluronic acid of 5D, 6D and 7D that appeared later was actually based on the principle and foundation of 4D, and the raw materials of hyaluronic acid with other molecular weights were added, which remained unchanged.

2. Innovation is not only about invention and creation, but also about creating value for customers.

The breakthrough point of the technology of producing hyaluronic acid by microbial fermentation is innovation. The world’s first enzyme digestion method to produce hyaluronic acid with different molecular weights is innovation. It is also innovation to seize the unmet needs of users and even to create raw materials through collaborative technology.

BLOOMAGE BIOTECH believes that the vitality of an enterprise comes from continuous innovation ability and continuous profitability. In To B business, it is one-sided to only understand “innovation” as a new technology. Regarding innovation, it should focus on talents, technology, management, marketing and strategy, and create greater value for the market, industry and customers through innovation. The success of Hymagic™-4D proves this point again.


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