According to the latest statistics, Bloomage Biotech has more than 2,000 international brand customers in over 70 countries, providing all-round products, technical services and application solutions for various industries such as medicine, cosmetics and food.

The advantage of Bloomage Biotech HA raw materials is an important guarantee to seize the market, and many renowned HA raw materials are all from Bloomage Biotech.

In terms of quality, the production of Bloomage Biotech HA raw materials meets the requirements of cGMP in the United States, GMP and ICHQ7 in China. It has passed many inspections such as FDA in the United States and GMP in China, and has also obtained 28 international registration qualifications, including CEP in the European Union, DMF in the United States, DMF in Canada, DMF in Russia, DMF in India, and MF in Japan.

The company’s food-grade HA raw material production has passed ISO9001 and FSSC22000 food safety system certification; Cosmetic-grade HA raw materials have registered qualification certification exhibitions such as ISO9001, EFfCI, KOSHER, HALAL, ECOCERT, COSMOS, Vegan, etc.

In addition to the rich accumulation in technology development and product quality, Bloomage Biotech has developed four raw material factories and established a strong supply chain system, including Jinan No.1 Plant, Jinan No.2 Plant, Tianjin Plant and Dongying Plant. The total HA capacity of Jinan No.1 Plant, No.2 Plant and Dongying Plant exceeds 400 tons. And the overall production capacity of HA, γ-aminobutyric acid, hydrocodone and other bioactive materials in Tianjin Plant is planned to reach 1,000 tons.

Its raw materials products are transported by air, sea, international express and cold chain, and use high-coverage international routes such as Beijing and Shanghai. To ensure the smooth overseas supply chain, Bloomage Biotech has made a good advance in raw materials, designed alternative routes, and set up four subsidiaries in the United States, Japan, France and South Korea, giving full play to the advantages of international localization, doing well in warehousing and supply chain scheduling, and providing better services for overseas customers.

Bloomage Biotech attaches great importance to basic research and applied basic research, and has established R&D centers and laboratories in Shanghai, Shandong, Beijing, Jiangsu, France, the United States, Japan and other places. The company’s research team has more than 30 years of research and development experience in microbial fermentation and biomedicine. By June 2022, the company had 626 R&D personnel, applied for 570 domestic and foreign patents, and obtained 226 authorizations, of which more than 80% were invention patents.

At the same time, Bloomage Biotech has cooperated with universities and research institutions domestic and abroad such as Tsinghua University, Jiangnan University, Shandong University, Harvard University, California Institute of Technology, in molecular biology, cell biology, skin health, gut flora, tissue engineering application technology, etc. to study the efficacy mechanism of bioactive substances such as hyaluronic acid. Bloomage Biotech is looking forward to in-depth cooperation and exchanges with scientific research institutions in various countries.

About us:

After over 20 years of development, Bloomage Biotech has become a world-renowned biotechnology company and biomaterial company, and the industrialization level of hyaluronic acid is leading in the world. Driven by synthetic biology, Bloomage Biotech is committed to improving the life span and life quality, bringing health, beauty, and happiness for all.


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