In the first half of this year, China’s broadcasting technology enterprises missed many international industrial communication opportunities for face-to face communication and meeting with foreign customers due to the COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control. In order to promote the joint and coordinated overseas development of the broadcasting technology enterprises from Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, Beijing Municipal Radio and Television Bureau organized and launched the “China (Beijing) Pavilion Live” consisting of 21 Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei broadcasting technology enterprises at the 27th BroadcastAsia (BroadcastAsia 2022, hereinafter referred to as BA2022) from June 1 to June 3. Through this online international promotion platform, the exhibitors carried out cloud promotion and meeting to actively expand their international markets. At the same time, the exhibitors carried out business exchanges with international industrial institutions and international users to lay a solid foundation for the full-scale resumption of work and production.

During the three-day online exhibition, 21 exhibitors showcased the technological development achievements of the radio, television and network audio visual industry of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region to the world in the forms of product display, video publicity, live video streaming, cloud meeting, cloud signing, etc.

As seen from the global layout of the exhibitors in this exhibition, many broadcasting technology enterprises in China aim at the international market and have achieved “going global” with outstanding achievements.

Beijing Telikou Technologies Co., Ltd. has participated in the international broadcasting equipment exhibitions in China, United States, Netherlands, Singapore, Russia, Brazil, India, Dubai, etc. and has exported to the global market with ‘TELIKOU’ brand for more than ten consecutive years. ‘TELIKOU’ intercom products are compatible with international mainstream technical standards and have fully independent intellectual property rights. In the future, the company will pay close attention to the development trends of the industry, research and develop the products that meet the market demands, focus on the portability, miniaturization and IP-based performance of products, and enrich the matrix intercom product line.”

As seen from the recommended products brought by the exhibitors, the innovative products of China’s broadcasting industry that are “Made in China” have good market prospects worldwide. This is a good reputation created through years of efforts of the enterprises that have “gone overseas” for the broadcasting technologies that are “Made in China”.

Beiijng FXLION Electronics Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of lithium batteries and chargers of broadcasting grade, with more than 20 years of experience in the technology research and development and the product manufacturing in the industry, and their NANO products have been sold very well in the global market. The products of Tianjin Wenhao Technology and Developing Co., Ltd. can meet the users’ demand for kilomega access and provide high-quality solutions for finding the optical fiber failure points.

The Olympic Winter Games has brought more attention of the world  to the application of China’s radio and television production and broadcasting technologies, especially the 8K technology, AI technology, etc., which provides a good opportunity for the technology enterprises in audio visual industry to go out of China.

During the China (Beijing) Pavilion Live at this BA2022, Beijing Vision Dynamic Information Technology Co., Ltd. focused on promoting the solution that targets at the production and broadcasting area, i.e. the application of 8K technology in 4K and high-definition production and broadcasting environment. For the situation that most broadcasters in Asia are joint-stock companies or private companies, they use the technical means to reduce the production and broadcasting cost of customers, and help users to save the equipment cost, maintenance cost and personnel cost. Beijing Xingguang Ludong Video and Audio Broadcasting Technology Co., Ltd. recommended the Metauch production system which is related to metaverse; they have applied the advanced technologies to the audio visual industry and gradually adopted the current technologies such as artificial intelligence by utilizing the human wisdom. The ultra high-definition storage products of Beijing Fineone Technology Co., Ltd. support the real-time editing of 8K/4K ultra high-definition videos. At the same time, the functions such as file audit, mistaken deletion recovery and bandwidth control have been integrated.

China (Beijing) Pavilion Live provides comprehensive, multidimensional and interactive cloud exhibition services for the enterprises; Beijing Municipal Radio and Television Bureau further expands the scope of overseas audiences for the exhibitors by organizing and carrying out the online display and media publicity, helps the enterprises relieve the difficulties and restore the work and production, and makes efforts to achieve the dynamic balance and integrated promotion of multiple goals of the epidemic prevention and control and the economic development, in order to provide strong supports for the smooth operation of economy.

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