There are many trending topics in the world right now, be it health, the pandemic, the disruption caused by the same and much more. However, one topic that has been trending on the positive side is the adoption of the digital world by most of the entrepreneurs, influencers, brands and businesses around the world. This topic has been trending, especially for the past one and half years since the pandemic began, as it pushed people into the world of digital to carry forward their businesses and work through the same. This gave rise to many social media influencers and online brands. However, to stay up on their game and create their special place in the industry, they needed expert digital marketers and entrepreneurs, which gave rise to astute entrepreneurs like Aniket Goyat.


Wondering who Aniket Goyat is ? Well, this young man from Jind, Haryana India, at 18 years of age, propelling him forward as the youngest digital entrepreneur. Starting his journey in digital marketing at the age of 14, Aniket Goyat, in just a few short years, has gone ahead of the many established names of the industry as well, proving his excellence as a teenage-digitalpreneur of India. From being a consultant to acing the game of digital marketing, he has done it all and aced every aspect of the digital space.


Staying unique in the digital marketing game is another challenge as the industry has so far continuously evolved. Hence, as entrepreneurs and brands, people must always work towards building innovative ideas and strategies with a personalized approach, which can help their clients achieve massive success in the digital media world. Offering robust strategies and choosing to walk in trends of the industry can definitely help digital marketing firms to stay at the top of the industry, explains Aniket Goyat.


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