The promising talent Akilbek Allan has released his debut EP album, ‘True True’ which is creating quite a buzz in the industry. With his previous release of ‘Friendland’, the music industry got a taste of his insane talent and skill. The artist took a step further and kept making music which allowed the EP to take its turn and unique sound. The album is making its mark on the minds of the listeners because of its sound design and compositions. The album is a fine example of new experiments and a mixture of different genres like pop and electronic music. The interesting experiments have created a fresh and brand-new musical tone that is away from the standardized music of the industry. Upon asking about the album, the singer Akilbek Allan said that the EP has a sound that is “with his unique style traced”.

Making music and composing has always been a passion of the artist which led him to even study music production. After he graduated from HSE Design in music production and sound design, he is now a more experienced and skilled artist and musician. Taking all that into work, he started working on the album at the beginning of this year. This year also had some turn of events that impacted the realization process of artist Akilbek Allan which inspired him in the album-making process.

The EP Single, ‘Friendlands’ is a direct reflection of the artist’s experience and feelings that centers around everything that has been happening inside and outside of Akilbek Allan. There are a total of 10 tracks that can be heard in the album which has the same stylistic and sound sequence yet completely different compositions and themes that will excite the listeners.

The first track is titled ‘My Heart’, is based on “Experimental sound design and romantic synth-wave” and is the best example of electronic pop music. The inspiration came from the timeline of the 00s to the present day and the songwriting is based upon a story of challenging love battles. Creating the atmosphere and base for the entire album, the EP moves forward to the second track, ‘Often, Friendland, After Dark’. This track is infused with energetic beats and an underground groove cheering up the audience. The theme of the track will remind the listeners to find self-worth in challenging situations, filled with old-fashioned stereotypes.

The third track, ‘Often ‘ is the most poetical and extravagant track of the album where the artist, Akilbek Allan reaches his full vocal potential in the track whereas the other track, ‘Sunrise’ involves intensive mixing up involving explosive beats, lighting up the entire room. The last track of the album, ‘Akilbek Allan ‘ is definitely the most provocative track of the album indicating a heartbreak, and with some explicit lyrics, it will give the audience an experience of their lifetimes.

A complete set of near-to-perfection compositions and soulful vocals, the album, ‘Often’ is the musical piece that will put the artist’s name on the global music industry.


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