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Six consecutive days of coverage, six high-quality videos, from January 5th to 10th, promoted simultaneously both at home and abroad, Sichuan International Communication Center (SICC) proudly presents Legacy, a popular web variety show that shares Chinese culture by depicting Chinese people’s ordinary lives to present their wisdom and philosophies. Taking Sichuan liquor as its protagonist, the first season will walk you to Luzhou Laojiao, a well-known Chinese liquor brand.

This creative series is a new attempt by SICC and Luzhou Laojiao to help Sichuan liquor “go abroad”, to perceive, interpret, and promote Sichuan baijiu culture from both Chinese and Western perspectives. With over 60 million views across the internet, it is continuing to create a buzz.


Target both home and abroad

make the Sichuan brands world famous

Last year, Sichuan issued a program to promote the Sichuan liquor industry revitalization, clearly putting forward the strategy of forging ahead with the development of a new generation liquor brand for young consumers. As is known to all, Sichuan liquor has a long-standing reputation, and becomes popular in China. To attract the new generation of customers at home and abroad, the key for developing the Sichuan liquor brands is launching new products and expanding foreign markets.

In fact, many Sichuan time-honored brands have already made their moves to open the overseas market. The Legacy series program, jointly launched by the SICC and Luzhou Laojiao company, is an effective measure for the company to promote the transformation and upgrading of its liquor industry and stimulate innovation for occupying the young consumers market.

The Legacy series program focuses on making the reports more international and easily accepted by using the variety show form that is popular among the younger in the world.

The program is centered around two liquor experience officers to start a journey of finding the good Sichuan liquid. The organizers of the program have set many tasks for them. By completing the tasks, audiences get to experience how the liquid was brewed. Besides, the two experience officers work as bartenders to vividly show the process of mixing drinks. The program drew praise from many netizens in the world with someone noting that “As a young person, liquor culture is more interesting than I thought” “Wow, I never expected that Chinese liquor could be so interesting”.


Stick to orthodox and innovation

and promote Sichuan culture to the world

The series, Legacy, is not only about Chinese Baijiu, but also an unremitting history of a tale of a city and the liquor for over 440 years.

The series include five episodes in separate topics such as history, water source, brewing masters, liquor cellars and brewing techniques. Joined by French anchorman from the home of red wine and bilingual anchorwoman, the series have been dedicating to deeply delve into the historical background of Baijiu and the inheritance of the techniques from skilled workers through on-site visits, experiences and activities such as “apprentices” role play game.

To better build up an international billboard for Sichuan to depict a panoramic picture of city construction, economic development, cultural foundation and the quintessence of its people and scenery, the shows take Baijiu as the main storyline, added by experiences of the custom of “welcome liquor” and time travel to the ancient time for liquor manner acquirement and search for the water source from the Tuojiang River.

Last but not least, the series have won people’s heart through innovative narrating styles and methods of presentations once they were released on SICC’s official website and social media platforms. “Through the show ,I can feel how enthusiastic and generous Sichuan people are!”, “The way Chinese people drink Baijiu is so elegant,” quoted some of the netizens.

It is known that Luzhou Laojiao, one of the leading brands in Chinese Baijiu industry, has sponsored international events such as the World Cup and Australian Open, which has paved the way for the world to appreciate the culture of Chinese Baijiu.



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