Bloomage Biotech, a world-renowned biotechnology and biomaterials company,held its 12th YunZhong (In Cloud) Theme Concert at Beijing Times Art Museum on 12th Dec. It is reported that YunZhong(In Cloud)is a public welfare brand under Bloomage Biotech. With the theme of Song of Guizhou•Cloud, the concert conveys traditional Chinese culture through music, dance, theme art exhibition, and other forms, fully displaying the public welfare achievements of Huaxi Yunzhong series projects.
The establishment of the brand YunZhong(In Cloud)came from an accidental opportunity. In 2011, Ms. Zhao Yan, chairman of Bloomage Biotech, took her family to travel to Inner Mongolia. The local villagers entertained the guests from afar with cheerful songs and dances. These songs and dances with freshness and unique charm were different from those commonly seen in cities. Zhao carefully found that few local young people stayed in the village and most of them went to work in the cities, which led to the plight of no one to carry on the traditional local culture. So she decided to bring traditional Chinese folk art to a larger stage by having a professional team collect and organize it, and finally,YunZhong(In Cloud)was founded.

Through art exhibitions, interactive experiences, songs and dances, foods and other forms, YunZhong(In Cloud)excavates, inherits and promotes the about-to-vanishing intangible cultural heritage, helps the inheritors of intangible cultural heritage go out of their hometown and enter the stage at home and abroad so that the world can hear the multicultural voices of China.

As the initiator of YunZhong(In Cloud), Zhao Yan believes that the “Spirit of Yunzhong” is to help cultural inheritors regain cultural confidence and solve the problems of future survival and development for the guardians of culture to promote the inheritance of excellent culture. As an old Chinese saying goes:“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”Bloomage Biotech does public welfare to bring people hope and let people who temporarily need help can retain dignity and regain confidence.

YunZhong(In Cloud)public welfare project has been traveling more than 120,000 kilometers for the past 12 years, promoting many intangible cultural heritage inheritors to a broader stage, and making more people’s lives better, which in the meanwhile has also strengthened the determination and perseverance of Bloomage Biotech to protect the intangible cultural heritage.

In the future, Bloomage Biotech is willing to be a lamp on the road of public welfare, keeping demonstrating and transmitting traditional Chinese culture.

About us:
After over 20 years of development, Bloomage Biotech has become a world-renowned biotechnology company and biomaterial company, and the industrialization level of hyaluronic acid is leading in the world. Driven by synthetic biology, Bloomage Biotech is committed to improving the life span and life quality, bringing health, beauty, and happiness for all.


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