On April 15, Guangda Shanghai manufacturing city, located in Songjiang, Shanghai, applied for resumption of work and production under the premise of strict epidemic prevention, and the plant implemented closed-loop management. Guangda Shanghai manufacturing city has 8 factories with more than 40,000 employees. F1 and F3 factories are the first to resume work, and about 2,000 employees have resumed work in an orderly manner.

The workers wore masks throughout the process. With the full cooperation of industrial robots and workers, the products were manufactured one by one. On the morning of April 16, on the basis of implementing various epidemic prevention measures, the F1 and F3 factories of Guangda Shanghai manufacturing city resumed production.

“On April 15th, we applied for resumption of work and production on the premise of strictly abiding by the relevant provisions of epidemic prevention. The factory implemented closed-loop management. The first factories to resume work were F1 and F3. F1 factory-produced vehicle accessories with about 500 employees, and F3 factory produced notebook computers with about 1500 employees.” Li Guosui (李国穗), who is in charge of Guangda Shanghai manufacturing city, said that at present, the company has eight plants and more than 40,000 employees.

On the evening of April 16th, the Shanghai Economic and Information Technology Commission issued the guidelines for the prevention and control of the epidemic situation of industrial enterprises returning to work and production in Shanghai, which implemented closed-loop management on the premise of ensuring controllable risks, effectively, orderly and effectively promoted the resumption of work and production of enterprises, and ensured the safety and stability of the industrial chain and supply chain. Songjiang District is making every effort to ensure the production factors, promote the stable production and resumption of production of key industrial enterprises, and ensure the smooth operation of the industrial chain and supply chain.

Li Guosui (李国穗) said that according to the current situation, 6000 employees are expected to return to work and production by April 22.

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