On October 23, the opening ceremony of 2021 Beijing China Art International Fair – International Antique Art Fair Opening Ceremony was held at the National Foreign Cultural Trade Base (Beijing). The event was co-sponsored by the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Cultural Heritage and the Beijing Municipal Cultural Investment and Development Group.

The antique art trade is crucial to the high-quality development of Beijing’s cultural industry and vital to the construction of the National Cultural Center in Beijing, as well as a component of Beijing’s 14th Five-Year Plan and 2035 Vision. Beijing China Art International Fair has been held for 13 consecutive years making significant contributions to the prosperity and development of the antique art trading market in Beijing. The fair continues to take advantage of its high-level, international and professional conferences to be a brand activity for national antique art transactions as well as a starting point for Beijing’s build-up as an internationally renowned cultural relics and art trading center.

As one of the important activities of the international cultural relics fairs, the International Antique Art Fair is an important initiative of the National Foreign Cultural Trade Base (Beijing) to promote the return of overseas cultural relics by taking advantage of the “bonded, duty-free and permit-free” policy of the Beijing Tianzhu Comprehensive Free Trade Zone, and to achieve the innovative development of international cultural relics and works of art exhibition and trading business in the Comprehensive Free Trade Zone. It is an important element of building an internationally renowned Chinese cultural relics and artworks trading center, an important achievement of Beijing’s construction of the National Service Industry Expanded and Opened Comprehensive Demonstration Zone and Beijing Pilot Free Trade Zone (hereinafter referred to as “the two zones”), and an important initiative to promote the construction of a national cultural center.

The National Foreign Cultural Trade Base (Beijing) takes this exposition as an opportunity to build a domestic and even international art trade highland, forming three major platforms for international bonded art trade, international cultural relic exchange and international art trade services that can offer all-around services such as artwork display and trading, cultural relics inbound and outbound exhibitions, art and cultural relic identification and evaluation and restoration.

Building of an international cultural relics and art trading port has marked a turning point in the building of the “Two Zones”

During the opening ceremony, the international cultural relics and artworks bonded trade platform was announced to be completed and officially put into operation, marking the successful implementation of the key project of Beijing’s “two zones” construction, promoting overseas cultural relics’ returning, constructing a new landmark for international cultural services, and providing an important milestone in the realization of innovative development of international cultural relics and artworks display, auction and trading.

The international bonded trade platform is one of the key

projects signed by Beijing Municipality in September 2020 to promote the construction of the “two zones”, jointly constructed by Beijing Cultural Investment International Holdings Co., LTD. of Beijing Cultural Investment Development Group Co., LTD. and Beijing Blanc Culture Group Co., LTD.

A year of intense preparations has allowed the platform to establish a complete industrial chain of international

cultural relics and art exhibitions, auctions, storage and logistics, and art financing.

During this International Antique Art Fair, the international heritage art bonded trade platform carefully prepared 4 exhibitions—International Heritage Art Exhibition, International Art Gallery Space Opening Exhibition, Works by Artists Staying in France, and Sailing: From Ancient Maritime Trade to Contemporary Shipping, Global cultural relics and art bonded trade platform has been carefully preparing four exhibitions, gathering more than 70 prestigious galleries, museums, and art institutions from 15 nations around the world and exhibiting more than 3000 pieces of international heritage, art and oil paintings both online and offline.

In the future, the platform will bring together top art institutions and collection institutions from around the world, open art exhibitions year-round, display of cultural relics and works of art, art trading, allowing collectors to converge here, allowing a variety of cultural exchanges and mutual appreciation, to create the highest standard of international cultural relics and works of art trading port within China.

Over 3000 art pieces were displayed

The fair will last for three months, with an exhibition area of more than 10,000 square meters. There will be four sections: International Heritage Art Exhibition, International Art Gallery Space Opening Exhibition, Broad Ripples – Works by Artists Staying in France, and Sailing: From Ancient Maritime Trade to Contemporary Shipping. Nearly 100 antique merchants from the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain, Argentina, Singapore, Armenia, Japan and other countries, as well as Taiwan, Hong Kong and other regions of China, launched with valuable artifacts, over 3,000 pieces of artwork with a total value of nearly 5 billion were unveiled in splendor presenting a feast of artwork for the general public.

Among them, the inauguration of Blanc International Contemporary Art Space saw 14 well-known galleries from 9 countries exhibiting together, with works of oil paintings, prints, installations, sculptures, ceramics and other art types on heavy display, highlighting artistic diversity and international vision, and offering a rich visual feast for the audience.

Blanc Art Center: Pilot exploration of worry-free global collection circulation

At the opening ceremony, as one of the latest achievements of the National Foreign Cultural Trade Base (Beijing), the Blanc Art Center officially announced its operation and issued an invitation to global dealers to move in. The Art Center will give full play to the policy advantages of the Free Trade Zone, explore the mechanism of worry-free circulation of collections worldwide on a pilot basis, provide “door-to-door, nail-to-nail” strong logistics support, share customer resources with the world’s top antique dealers, and benefit from the widest coverage of administrative and logistical support.

Blanc Art Center will open art exhibitions, heritage artwork displays or auctions year-round in the future, gathering the world’s top art and collection institutions, actively exploring the integrated business model of heritage artwork storage, transportation and display, allowing mainland art collectors to see the fine art of well-known antique dealers around the world without leaving the country, and will also provide a one-stop solution to the transportation and storage problem for artworks purchased by overseas collectors, thus creating the highest profile international art exchange port in China and providing the most convenient and fastest art exchange platform for global collectors.

At the opening ceremony, the Contemporary Art Foundation was announced. As a non-profit foundation, the Contemporary Art Foundation will focus more on the advancement and development of art exchanges between China and the world, support non-market-oriented young artists, document the development of China’s social and humanistic environment, and facilitate cultural exchanges between China and abroad. In addition, it aims to provide a platform for creative young artists, curators, and art practitioners home and abroad to network and learn from each other.

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