AI & IoT smart solutions provider and designer of the world fair’s famous orange mascot, sets sights on smart city expansion for MENA region


Dubai, UAE, 10 January 2022: Performing a specially choreographed dance routine to mark today’s portal opening of Expo 2020 Dubai’s China Day, the world fair’s now famous orange robot mascot, Opti, was present to welcome both early arrivals and the staff and management of the official premier partner behind all the robots serving visitors at Expo – Terminus Group.

Along with supplying 50 Optis and a total of over 150 Titan Series robots to assist visitors to Expo 2020, Terminus Group, is a smart solutions provider for buildings, communities, up to city-wide smart solution, with robotics one part of the solutions it provides.

Commenting on the partnership, Mohammed Al Hashmi, Chief Technology Officer for Expo 2020 Dubai, said:

“We are excited to host Expo 2020 Dubai with the presence of Opti, as well as Terminus Group’s four other robot models. The positive feedback we have received from visitors – of all ages – has been overwhelming. From food deliveries to engaging with visitors at the stunning site of Expo 2020 Dubai, we are delighted with the impact the partnership with Terminus Group has delivered to the overall Expo experience.”

Specialising in the pioneering development of the ‘AI CITY’ concept, Terminus uses its proprietary smart city management system TACOS (Terminus AI CITY Operating System) to integrate several smart solutions, including Internet of Things (IoT) products, urban digitisation, to robotics. It is this specialisation that has seen Terminus Group establish its first regional HQ in Dubai, and specifically, as an anchor tenant of District 2020 – the mixed-use legacy project of Expo 2020, which aims to become a global smart logistics and tech hub.

Vice President of Transition Unit – District 2020, Nadimeh Mehra, “We are looking forward to seeing the establishment of Terminus Group’s R&D centre in AI and IoT at District 2020, as we transition and evolve our future community, following Expo 2020 Dubai. As an innovation leader in future technologies, Terminus Group will add tremendous value to the growth of our global innovation ecosystem, supporting our aims to enable co-creation between diverse stakeholders, and the development of solutions that will lead to smarter, more sustainable, human-centric cities.”

Cloud Valley, the first urban digitised community, is a project being developed by Terminus Group and shares similar ambitions to be a benchmark in urban digitisation and placing smart tech at the centre of enhancing community living and wellbeing experience of its residents and workers.

Central to Terminus Group’s smart infrastructure offering for the design of future cities is its proprietary core software foundation – TACOS. Effective in producing a more energy efficient and lifestyle ecosystem that seeks to improve the quality of life of all residents and workers using the platform.

Commenting on Expo’s Portal Opening earlier today, Victor Ai, Founder and CEO of Terminus Group said:

“As an official premier partner to Expo 2020 Dubai, Terminus Group is proud to open the portal gate to mark the world fair’s China Day. As a result of our partnership, and since the start of the Expo, in October last year, Terminus Group has realised a number of business and commercial deals and we are confident that the establishment of our new regional HQ – right in the heart of Expo – and later through the legacy project: District 2020 – we will cultivate a strong working relationship with businesses and governments in the region, offering the kind of integrated smart solutions of the future that will transform the concept of our living, working and leisure time.”


About Terminus Group

Established in 2015, Terminus Group is committed to driving the upgrading of urban management through digital and smart tech solutions, promoting the prosperity of the industrial ecology, and promoting the implementation of green and low to carbon-neutral approaches.

Taking AIoT technology as the starting point, Terminus Group currently has developed core products such as its proprietary TACOS smart city operating system, a city-wide series of AIoT smart hardware, and solutions for energy saving and carbon reduction in cities.

Terminus Group owns more than 1,000 patents and has been selected for six times in the industry-leading Gartner report for its authoritative IT research and consulting.


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